Special Release T&C's

  • All sales are final, we do not accept returns on Limited release product
  • Cancellations by purchaser are not accepted.
  • One pair maximum per person in-store OR online, please do not attempt to purchase at both bricks & mortar & through our online platform or you may be subject to a restock fee.
  • Purchases using a BOT script on our site or using a forwarding address; if identified may be subject to a restock fee. If multiple purchases are detected, then multiple fees of 30% per unit may be charged.
  • Special Releases cannot be purchased on behalf of someone else - must be your own size
  • Limited to 1 per household/IP address
  • Item must be paid for within 5 minutes of adding to your cart to secure
  • All points criteria is the same for both in store & online purchases
  • Points allocation may differ across certain styles or brand. Points are not earned on Special Releases, Promotional items or Outlet Clearance Products.
  • Limited release’s may not be eligible for loyalty points and this may vary depending on the limited nature of the product
  • Overseas buyers are welcome to purchase limited releases (excluding Nike and Brand Jordan products) after they have been available on our website for 72 hours
  • Special Releases cannot be purchased on behalf of another individual - you can only purchase for yourself.
  • Proof of identity by Photo ID, for both special releases online & instore may be requested at any time or purchase will be declined.
  • Customer details are required for sale of special release for both instore or online purchase/raffle registration, shoe size may also be checked
  • Loaded reserves the right to refuse suspected re-sellers the right to purchase or to enter raffles/competitions.
  • A Fee maybe charged as outlined in the below section to those deemed to be resellers, bot script use or attempted purchase of multiple pairs.

Resale Purchases/ Bot Interference/ Use of forwarding address

LOADED policies offered in store & online, are intended solely for the benefit of end consumers, and therefore purchase of products for resale is strictly prohibited. Purchase for resale means the purchase of product by someone who intends to resell the product to others (consumers, businesses or any third party).

If LOADED determines that a purchase or order is likely intended for resale, then we reserve the right to:

(1) suspend the application of any sales policy that provides a right or benefit intended for “direct to consumer” purchases; as a buyer that is purchasing for business purpose/resale for profit is not deemed a consumer; and there for the consumer guarantees act does not apply to such a purchaser.

(2) take any action to hinder such purchase or order (and deter future purchases or orders), including without limitation, to restrict sales to the buyer, impose restriction of max of 1 per household, cancel orders, charge a restock/inconvenience fee of 30% per unit of the special release in question -this will be by means of a deduction from refund. Note if purchase of more than more than 1 unit/pair is involved then more than 1 restocking fee will be charged, decline to issue refunds or take returns, deny access to any future special releases from LOADED.

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