X Aries "Mystic's" Classic Leather

Size: 6 US Men's

London fashion label Aries has built its reputation off non-gendered, luxury streetwear pieces.

Aries and Reebok deliver their first ever footwear collaboration, bringing together two powerhouses in the UK fashion scene.

Aries Founder and Creative Director Sofia Prantera states: “The concept was to embrace the simplicity of Classic Leather and respect its flawless design and long history. How can we give the shoe an Aries twist without compromising its simplicity?”
Standout features of the shoe include a premium aqua-tinted leather upper, reflective Reebok branding & a vintage tongue with exposed foam.
Aries’ signature wizard graphic printed in gold on the insole, along with an inner tongue label that contains text regarding the design inspiration behind the collaboration.
Special-edition box that features more gold detailing, along with an extra pair of laces in signature Aries aqua.


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