MRGB2100B-1A - MR-G

Introducing the first of the 2100 line of iconic G-SHOCK styles to bear the MR-G name.

A study in metal craftsmanship, the MRG-B2100 features case and bezel components made with the super-hard titanium alloy, Ti64.

The bezel top is fashioned from COBARION, an alloy that is four times harder than pure titanium and has a brilliant gleam comparable to platinum.

The band is made of another special titanium alloy, DAT55G, which is both extremely hard and highly workable.

The bezel alone consists of 27 different components, each individually polished for a stunning detailed texture.

The state-of-the-art Multi-Guard Structure incorporates buffers between the parts of the multi-component bezel and case to ensure outstanding shock absorption for the bezel, and protects the dedicated MR-G module with a gold-plated retainer plate.

We make the most of these extra-hard alloys, and their scratch-resistance and ability to stand up to mirror finishing, with extensive use of lustrous mirror finishes and diamond-like carbon coating to add a brilliant black sheen.

The watch face is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of interlocking woodwork called kigumi, which like the bezel of this MRG-B2100 involves myriad small components.

This traditional art is reflected in the intricately assembled two-part structure of the index marks and the depth and dimension of the latticework dial.

The tiny openings in the face — craftwork that demands the very highest precision in processing technology — let enough light through to generate the solar power to keep you up to speed.

This masterpiece is more than just a splendid celebration of metal.

It delivers outstanding functionality, as well, with radio-controlled calibration and smartphone pairing via Bluetooth®.

*COBARION is a registered trademark of the Iwate Industry Promotion Center and is manufactured exclusively by Eiwa Corporation.

*DAT and DAT55G are registered trademarks of Daido Steel Co., Ltd.



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