ISPA Universal - Black

Size: 5 US Men's

Please note this product does not ship outside of New Zealand.

Nike ISPA Universal - Men's Shoes

Progress, experimentation and craft.

With a modular design and innovative components, the ISPA Universal lets you step into the future of footwear.

Inspired by three Nike icons (the Air Max 270, the Zoom Type and the Solarsoft HTM), we harnessed computer-driven data to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Every pair is buffed by hand, resulting in a unique artisan finish that differs from shoe to shoe.

Breath of fresh air, anyone?

  • Modular, No-Glue Design
  • Replaceable components and zero glue means less waste with every pair of shoes.
    Future Foam
  • Bio-EVA foam, used throughout the design, is made with bio-based feedstocks derived from sugarcane. (Translation? We’re working to replace petroleum-based ingredients with alternatives as we continue our Move To Zero journey toward zero carbon and zero waste.)
  • Extra Insole
  • Each pair comes with two sets of moisture-absorbing, 40% cork insoles—once the first set breaks down, you can simply replace the insole instead of replacing the whole shoe.



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