GD350GB-1D - GD-350 Series

Go from strength to strength with a G-SHOCK in a popular, confident black and gold colour scheme.

You won’t miss a beat with the GD-350. Easily keep track of time at night and underwater with a timer and alarm function that not only beeps and flashes when the time is up or the alarm is sounding, but vibrates as well. The back of the case is equipped with shock absorbers to improve fit and vibration transmission to the wrist.

The upper right indicator window evokes a submarine radar scope, and coloured accents add the final touches

  • Case size (L× W× H)
    53.4 × 50.8 × 18 mm

  • Weight
    75 g

  • Case and bezel material

  • Band
    Resin Band

  • Construction
    Shock Resistant

  • Water resistance
    200-meter water resistance

  • Power supply and battery life
    Approx. battery life: 5 years on CR2032



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