Gel-Lyte III OG - Mineral Beige/Simply Taupe

Size: 9
The GEL-LYTE III OG running shoe is an iconic sneaker that has reached its 30th anniversary, and to celebrate this milestone, it has been reintroduced with a retro aesthetic that pays homage to its original design and performance features from the early 1990s. The shoe was initially created by Shigeyuki Mitsui and is known for its unique split-tongue construction, which was inspired by the GEL-LD RACER shoe.

The GEL-LYTE III silhouette maintains its distinctive split-tongue design, which enhances comfort and fit. The shoe combines mesh fabric on the underlays, giving it a nostalgic appearance that harkens back to its original era. Synthetic suede overlays are incorporated into the shoe's construction, adding durability and a touch of retro style.

One of the notable features of the GEL-LYTE III OG is its utilization of GEL technology cushioning in the heel. This innovation helps to absorb shock during impact, providing enhanced comfort and support for runners. The GEL technology ensures lasting cushioning and minimizes the risk of potential injuries.


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