EX89 - ホワイト/ミッドナイト

サイズ : 8

The EX89™ sneaker blends the heritage influences of the GEL-EXTREME™ basketball shoe from 1989 with modern cushioning properties.

It was originally created by Toshikazu Kayano in the late 1980s as his first design project with ASICS.

Asics updated the cushioning system with our FF BLAST™ technology.

It's met with a sculpted heel shape to improve underfoot comfort during everyday scenarios.

This model features a Synthetic Leather Upper, Terry Lining and finished off with a Chenille Patch.

The outsole's pattern is meant to mirror the view of a city from the sky. This functional grip feature was initially inspired by the designer's first business trip to the United States in 1987.



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