Air Force 1 Low Retro - Colour Of The Month "Orange Jewel"

サイズ : 7

Please note this product does not ship outside of New Zealand.

Did you find your favorite color?but it's okay."Color of the Month" is a series that satisfies people's needs while celebrating a little-known moment in Nike's history.

The original 1984 Color of the Month series may have saved the Air Force 1 from extinction.When the Air Force 1 was just introduced, sales of the reprint version were undecided.But it sold like hot cakes in Baltimore's sports shops, and the Air Force 1 was considered synonymous with street fashion and culture.

The series began in response to a request from a shop to customize the colors for sale in stores.You know what happened after that.This model, which has the same material as the original and a pop of safety orange, comes with a shoe cleaning brush.

Every time you wear a shoe that exemplifies the popular off-court style, you'll want to think of the visionary Baltimore store clerk who played a part in history.